Evening of Meet, Greet, and Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

Do You Have An Attitude of Gratitude?

Saturday – May 05, 2018 – Setup at 4:00 pm – Even is from 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm (Lead Speaker at 8:00 pm)

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
209 N West St
Lima, OH 45801


This is an event for our area to come together and learn more about Unity & Service Work, as well as getting to know others in our area. Speaker will coincide with the 8;00 pm meeting and will be on the topic of Unity and Service Work. There will be fellowship, 50/50, raffle, food & drinks for purchase, and door prizes. Auction of N.A. Items *$1.00 off door price for any donations* $4.00 per person/ $6.00 per couple (NATA).

All proceeds from this fundraiser will go to help fund our upcoming summer events.

For any further information, questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact Bobbie W. 419-302-1858 bjw-80@woh.rr.com

Please remember there is no clean time requirement to help out and we are always in need of trusted servants to help throughout the evening of these events & other positions within our Narcotics Anonymous community.

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Self-Worth and Service

“Being involved in service makes me feel worthwhile.”

When most of us arrived in Narcotics Anonymous, we had very little self-worth left to salvage. Many members say that they began to develop self-esteem (gratitude) through being of service early in their recovery. Something just short of a miracle occurs when we begin to have a positive impact on others’ lives through our service efforts.

Most of us don’t have a lot of experience, strength, or hope to share at thirty days clean. In fact, some members will tell us in no uncertain terms that what we can do best is listen. But at thirty days, we do offer something to that addict just coming into the rooms of NA, struggling to get twenty-four hours clean. The very newest NA member, the one with only the desire to stop using and none of the tools, can hardly imagine anyone staying clean for a year, or two years, or ten. But he or she can relate to those people with thirty days clean, picking up a key-tag with a look of pride and disbelief emblazoned on their faces.

Service is something that is our unique gift-something that no one can take away from us. We give, and we get. Through service, many of us start on the sometimes long road back to becoming productive members of society.

Just for Today: I will be grateful for the opportunity to be of service.